Jessie Diamond, Licensed Counselor M.Ed, LPC

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I have been practicing as a therapist for over 16 years.  I moved to the Northwest in the Spring of 2002 and never looked back.  This is a beautiful place to live and work and I am grateful for the privilege. 

I have been on my own journey in self-healing and growth for many years and know what it is to doubt, suffer and feel stuck.  I have been somewhat of a therapist my entire life.  It is a profession that requires me to constantly work with my own heart and mind, my own wounds and patterns so that I am more available and able to serve you with some degree of integrity, skill, clarity, wisdom and heart.

It takes great courage to love ourselves enough, to believe in ourselves enough, to invest time, money and  energy in something that can be as stressful and challenging as therapy!  We all have wounds from childhood, we all have burdens that we carry, we all have patterns that no longer work or perhaps never worked for us.  Therapy is about releasing and healing to get to the real person that we are underneath the pain, denial, and suffering that we inflict on ourselves and others.

If everyone did this personal work, to better love themselves and their loved ones, the world would be transformed!  Your own best Self is one of the greatest gifts you can give to the world!  It is your legacy.   

This is the heart of my work, my joy in being a helper, a guide, a supporting human being to those who come to my office. I believe in your inner wisdom and your personal journey.

I employ my skills and insights to help you to more deeply connect to who you truly are and who you wish to become.  You are at the center of this work.  My wish for you is that you come to recognize the unique gifts of yourself and your loved ones. Never let fear, guilt or shame rob you of that opportunity.


There is nothing lofty or clinical about my approach; clients feel comfortable to let their feelings out and we sort through all of the crap together to get to the gold of truth and transformation.  This is composting in human form.  Turn your "garbage" into something rich and fertile!  Cursing, crying and laughter are all welcome.  No pressure--I meet you where you are and together we build some rapport and a way forward.






Counseling Style

Enter a relaxed, confidential and pleasant environment in which we establish a partnership that will best address your needs and goals. It is my commitment that you feel heard and valued, and that:                                                                                       

  • You feel safe and respected
  • You are able to make the changes you desire
  • You gain renewed understanding, inspiration and energy for your life
  • You achieve a deeper connection and ease in your relationship/s

Sometimes clients wish to return to counseling months after their initial goals are met to address a new challenge. Our previous work together means that a foundation of trust and history already exists and new challenges can be more quickly resolved.

Blessings to you and yours...

"Jesse is not only a great counselor, she is also an excellent resource. I've appreciated her thoughtful advice and calm presence every time we have met. I always felt she was looking out for my best interests."
"Jessie is an astute counselor, well-read, observant, and pro-active. Her professional knowledge and demeanor provide a empathetic ear and practical solutions." — G.D.
"Jessie was a reliable and wise guide for me in a turbulent time of my life. I have no reservations about her experience being suited to make the world a better place in whatever way she engages."