Anxious?    Depressed?

Depression Counseling in Portland OR

Are you struggling with feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, sadness? 

A number of factors contribute to feeling depressed: unresolved feelings of anger, grief, loss, abandonment, family of origin influences, PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and/or health issues are just a few. 

I usually work with you in an integrated approach which may combine cognitive-behavioral therapy, along with Mindfulness and Guided Imagery.  Your state of health, diet, exercise, and life style are all important factors to consider as well.

Depression often holds a key to significant self-discovery, and it does not have to be a life sentence or a part of your identity!  It has a door which I help you to open.  We enter and appreciate the information and insights it may have for you.  Then you have possibilities and actions that may liberate you from its hold on your quality of life.

I provide support, insight and tools to help you to work through what is keeping you depressed.   Most of us have the power to reduce or eliminate persistent feelings of depression if we can identify the source and change the pattern. If you are ready to open that door, email or call for a free consultation.

Anxiety Counseling in Portland OR

Are you in your head 24/7, worrying, stressed, having panic attacks that just take over? Are you suffering with PTSD?

Do you live in fear of those moments?

Anxiety is a symptom and a pattern of thinking and feeling that can get very embedded in our bodies and severely affect our quality of life.   There is always a key to what is behind your anxiety.  We get to that key and begin to change the pattern through a variety of interventions.  This is an opportunity to know and love yourself on a deeper level. Getting to the source can be very rewarding and life changing for you. A stronger sense of inner balance, clarity and confidence is available if you have the desire and willingness to get there.  Please feel free to call or email for a free consultation.

Call or email to schedule a free 15 phone or 40 minute office consultation.  I am usually able to respond to you within a few hours, 7 days a week.