Couples & Marriage Counseling in Portland OR

Are you arguing about the same thing over and over again?
Are you uncomfortable or getting stuck in difficult conversations?

Do your arguments have you feeling alienated from the person or people you love?

Develop more skills, and gain more effective tools as well as a deeper understanding of yourself and your loved one/s.

Learn to communicate more effectively, to relieve feelings such as anger, resentment, and fear that create roadblocks to to truly hearing each other. 

Learn how to communicate for a Win-Win outcome. 

You have the opportunity, in a safe, supportive environment, to develop new skills and employ thoughtful methods of communicating in a productive and meaningful way.  Effective communication builds trust and safety and provides a platform for deeper understanding, compassion and intimacy. 


Would you like to have emotionally safe and productive interactions, both feeling heard and being able to listen with an open heart?

My work is influenced by John Gottman as well as by Dr. Gary Brainerd's "Conscious Dialog Process". However, I draw on a variety of modes to best meet your needs and personality.  The best platform for positive change is a mindful presence that allows honest and clear communication between you and your partner or family members.  It is important that you have a chance to feel heard and able to hear each other in a safe, non-judgmental and relaxed environment. 


I also work with blended families, to address issues such as boundaries, step-parenting, conflicts with former spouses. My services include helping you to sort through recurring themes to arrive at new solutions, and providing you with tools and skills that can serve you and your family into the future.


It is always a joy and a privilege to help couples and families to heal, communicate more effectively and love each other more consciously.
Please feel free to call or email for an initial free consultation.



Call or email to schedule a free 15 phone or 40 minute office consultation.  I am usually able to respond to you within a few hours, 7 days a week. 

Jessie Diamond — M.Ed, LPC

A physician whose name I don't recall

said that "People are prisoners of

their own experiences."

Counseling can serve to liberate us

from that prison, to discover and

fully claim our true selves and not

be defined by our issues.