In-Depth Psychotherapy in Portland Oregon

In-depth psychotherapy is a longer term form of therapy that addresses deeply rooted patterns of thought, feelings and behaviors.  Some of those patterns work well for you and reflect your health and strengths.  Other patterns undermine your quality of life and relationships.  These patterns some of which are low self-regard, insecurity, fear of abandonment, lack of trust, hyper-vigilance, anxiety or depression, often result from painful experiences in childhood and earlier relationships- experiences such as mild to serious traumas, neglect, or abandonment. 


In depth psychotherapy is not about dredging up and wallowing in blame or shame.  It is about engaging your strengths and your Heart to "clean out the closet of your life", sorting, letting go, refurbishing, discovering, or rediscovering treasure that you have ignored or left behind.  This process serves to liberate you from those patterns that don't feel like the real you and don't work for you. You gain energy and confidence to more fully show up in your present life the way you want to show up.  It's empowering work that continues to yield dividends for the rest of your life. 


In-Depth Psychotherapy with me is about claiming what is truly you so that your behaviors, choices, thoughts and heart express who you really want to be.  It's about laying to rest the Old and stepping into the New or the Renewed, so that you are able to live in the Present as your True Self.

Your patterns are not you but they do tell you how you are consciously or unconsciously living in the world. 


If some aspect of your life doesn't speak to you with authenticity and meaning; if it feels out of balance, out of control or just not you, In-Depth Psychotherapy can be a profound journey to the truest Core You.   Such a personal undertaking is a true Hero's Journey when undertaken with heart and dedication.  It is always a privilege to be your guide in this journey.  It is a journey that offers more than you know if you trust and step into it.  There is magic in you.


My approach is integrative, using what best suits your personality and your goals, but often we will employ options such as cognitive-behavioral work, guided imagery, your creative pursuits, dreams and archetypal analysis; any and all in a body, mind, spirit approach to include the wisdom of each.