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May 12, 2011
Anxiety and depression often arise out of a state of mind that has established itself over time.  Many clients complain that they are in their minds most of their waking hours and not in a relaxed or productive way.  They describe their minds as constantly engaged in possible scenarios, concerns, fears, circular and obsessive thinking or nagging.   

Some feel hounded through most of their days and often in the night by this brain busy-ness.  This often involuntary and habitual "monkey mind" can in turn, stimulate our bodies to lock up energy or stress and release chemicals/hormones that affect our mood and our health, our sense of empowerment and well being.  Depression can feel like an inner pit we cannot climb out of and anxiety can come from trying to control everything just by thinking about it.

We tend to feel pressured as we make a thousand choices and decisions a day, but it is ourselves who are choosing to be pressurized!   We all have a choice as to the state of our minds most of the time!  We attempt to control through worrying and obsessing, but the best control is to calmly decide how to respond to events and situations from a confident and clear mind as those events arise in the present.

Living fully in our entire bodies, not just our heads, being fully present in the moment, allows us to experience the WHAT IS, not what was, could/should have been or might be!  It allows us to tune in and choose who we want to be in any given moment.

"What part of my body do I occupy the majority of my day?"
Most of my clients with anxiety and panic disorders say they pretty much exist in their heads.  There is so much more to life than our heads!  Take some deep breaths and tune into your physical body.  Flood it with peace, love and what is important right at this moment.  This moment is all we really have.  Take that truth in and day by day make a conscious choice to live in your entire being, not in "Monkey Mind".

Some people practice meditation as an avenue to detach from the mind, but there are many ways open to us, including activites that focus us and involve our entire bodies like hiking or biking, gardening or dance.  

Here are a few suggestions for self care and being present to enjoy the gifts of your life:

A) Consciously  choose to be your Best You in each moment from a loving and truthful heart space.  Sometimes our best is pretty wonderful and sometimes it will be just the best we can do at the time and that's okay!

B) Choose a particular quality to live for a day and see how that changes your experience.
For instance, I might claim peaceful as a way to break the habit of "monkey mind".  What does peaceful feel like in my body, my head, my breathing, my choices?  Peaceful might mean making some quiet time each day to do something that is enjoyable and that makes me feel peaceful!   BECOME the quality!

C) Change the way you see the world and yourself with a more hopeful, open and loving heart.  We have a choice.  Sometimes we develop our identity around our depression or anxiety and then we truly feel stuck!  Who would I be without my depression, without my anxiety?  If this question makes you nervous, maybe it's time to make a change?

D) Make a gratitude list from the heart and keep it updated.  Read it and feel it regularly. 

E) Ask for what you truly want, with gratitude, feel as if you already have it.

F) Write things down rather than running through them a thousand times in your head.  Then decide to release them or take the action needed to clear them. 

G) When filling your calendar, make time for the activities and people who give you energy and inspiration.  Plan ahead for weekend getaways, visits with friends, a day for yourself.  Breathe in the space and love you are giving yourself.  This thoughtful love of self makes you more joyful, balanced and available to people around you, to the world.

H) Get to what really matters to you in your life: LOVE, Laughter, Tears, Joy, Community, Connection, Friendships, Memories, New possibilities, Creativity, Resourcefulness, Wonder....The list can be as long as you like; why wait to live fully? 

I) Lovingly release the baggage you are carrying around that weighs you down and robs you of energy to live in the NOW.

If you need some help to move out of anxiety or depression or to improve the quality of your life and your relationships, I invite you to call for a free consultation or to schedule an appointment.
Jessie Diamond

Conscious Attitude plus Choice plus Action equals A life that reflects the True You. 

I wish you Integrity and Empowerment.  I wish you your most amazing and happy Self!

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