Client's Views

When I first met Jessie, I had just turned 40 and was in a personal crisis.  My marriage was ending, and I was terribly unhappy in the only career I had known for 18 years. In a one word summary, I was "drained."

Working with Jessie opened up possibilities for me that I didn't believe were available.  She showed me that it is really more risky and painful to remain "tight in a bud" than it is to blossom.

We worked together for a couple of years; however, the results I felt from my sessions with her were immediate.  I let go of decades of old expectations I had placed on myself.  She empowered me and helped me to see that being authentic and speaking my truth trumps my need to be "perfect" or live by how I thought I wanted others to view me.

I have so much gratitude for my counseling with Jessie.

With her help, my husband and I found our way back to each other and we truly have never been happier.  Jessie was also instrumental in my confidently leaving the corporate world to start my own business, which is now in its fourth year and thriving.

The guidance Jessie has provided along the way for our two sons has paid off in spades.  She is always "spot on" with her insights and encouragement.

I have recommended Jessie to many friends, and they've all had similar expereinces with their journeys with her. It has truly been a gift to know her.


Virtues of therapy

"I entered therapy deeply suspicious and cynical about the process.  I found in Jessie an amazing conversation partner, someone who never slipped into storebought aphorisms or easy comforts.  Instead, she was funny and wise and immensely game to my own irritable reflexivity about our conversations and about the purpose of counseling.  In a particularly bleak moment in my life, Jessie was the pitch-perfect voice of possibility, goading me to press past despair by staring at it, and learning to understand its sources.  I can honestly say that she singlehandedly convinced me of the virtues of therapy." — K.L.

My work with Jessie has been phenomenal

My work with Jessie has been phenomenal. I have made amazing progress in my seven months working with her. It is difficult to revisit where I was only 5 months ago, but it is inspiring to see the progress I have made. Jessie's genuine positivity and gentle wisdom have been my constant through this time of change. She always makes it clear that it is MY work, and that I am the one taking responsibility for my issues and my past, this I appreciate. She acts as a strong supporter, without doing the work for you. This has been the key to feeling better, taking responsibilty for where my life is. Jessie provides an incredibly safe and welcoming space to explore whatever avenues of your life are troubling you. I would recommend Jessie to anyone who is serious about feeling better.  — S.P.


A Personal Note

I have now been working with Jessie for almost two years.  When asked about what I have gained from doing this work, I can answer that I have gained a prospective future- something I had stopped believing in nearly a decade ago.

I had been in counseling prior and had given up because my concerns for what I felt my past added up to be were not believed. I left, and the panic attacks and flashbacks worsened.  I was referred to Jessie at that point and within the first year they had subsided, and then stopped.  Yes, I am still confronting various things as time passes, but I am becoming more and more confidant that I can get through this, no matter what.

I have noticed that Jessie is a highly intuitive, skilled individual who values human life and all its quirks.  She brings humor, caring, compassion, and wholeness into a setting of safety and hope.  My personal trials are validated and my accomplishments praised.

Jessie also accepts - and I think appreciates - added modalities of healing that I incorporate along with her own work.  I am able to bring in what I have learned about myself from books, tapes, writings, drawings, dreams, and various classes, which in turn give her a greater scope of who I am and where I may be coming from.

As she says, "It is as if we're lost in the woods, and I have the lantern.  You are the one leading us out."

Jessie is an honest, skilled and compassionate healer. She was a reliable and wise guide for me in a turbulent time of my life. I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in working with her and in whichever capacity possible. I have no reservations about her experience being suited to make the world a better place in whatever way she engages."




Jessie is an astute counselor, well-read and observant, pro-active. Her professional knowledge and demeanor provide a empathetic ear and practical solutions.




Jesse is not only a great counselor, she is also an excellent resource. I've appreciated her thoughtful advise and calm presence every time we have met. I always felt she was looking out for my best interests.




Jessie's whole being is presence and one feels completely safe, heard and validated in a session. She is completely invested in you. Jessie certainly is a great person to have on your support team."




Jessie is a true professional in her work. She has wonderful offerings that helped me with many difficult situations. Her work and ethics are superior. I highly recommend Jessie should you need counseling of any kind.