Jessie Diamond — M.Ed, LPC

A physician whose name I don't recall

said that "People are prisoners of

their own experiences."

Counseling can serve to liberate us

from that prison, to discover and

fully claim our true selves and not

be defined by our issues.

"Jesse is not only a great counselor, she is also an excellent resource. I've appreciated her thoughtful advice and calm presence every time we have met. I always felt she was looking out for my best interests."
"Jessie is an astute counselor, well-read, observant, and pro-active. Her professional knowledge and demeanor provide a empathetic ear and practical solutions." — G.D.
"Jessie was a reliable and wise guide for me in a turbulent time of my life. I have no reservations about her experience being suited to make the world a better place in whatever way she engages."